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The Pious Cat

by Y. L. Peretz

Read by YidLife Crisis

We all know the type: a seemingly sanctimonious soul, with an eye firmly fixed on the kingdom of heaven, who all the while makes the lives of those on earth a living hell. But who would suspect murderous self-righteousness from an adorable kitty cat?

Y. L. Peretz wrote this wickedly satirical tale, “די פֿרומע קאַץ (The Pious Cat),” a story of ferocity wrapped in the guise of faith in 1893. You can read the Yiddish original in this handsome 1925 joint publication of Y.L. Peretz’s work, פֿאַר קליין און גריוס (Peretz: For Small and Big),” published by Vilna’s Kleckin Press and the American Morgn Frayhayt newspaper.