Rachel the Clever

adapted by Josepha Sherman

Read by Laurie Metcalf

Rachel, a young woman of profound intelligence, solves a series of riddles that take her far beyond her humble origins and into the ranks of nobility… with some puzzling results.

This classic tale from Poland appeared in Y.L. Cahan’s collection of stories, “ייִדישע פֿאָלקסמעשׂיות (Jewish Folktales),” published in Vilna in 1931. Cahan notes that this story was told to him by Chaya Twersky, aged 50, a member of family of the Shpikov hasidic dynasty. Here, the story is called, דאָס קלוגע מיידל (The Clever Girl).

This story was originally recorded as part of the series One People, Many Stories, produced by the Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles, ListenUp radio, Johanna Cooper, and Abbie Phillips.