Songwriter & Folk Poet

Mark Warshawsky

Mark Warshawsky was born November 26, 1848 in Odessa and grew up in Zhitomir. He studied law and settled in Kiev.

Warshawsky began writing songs for fun and performed them for friends in Kiev. Sholem Aleichem discovered Warshawsky’s talent and oversaw publishing his first song collection.

Among his many popular songs are “דער בעכער – טייַערע מלכּה (The Goblet – Dear Malke),” “די ראָד – די מעזינקע אויסגעגעבן (The Youngest Daughter is Married),” “דעם מילנערס טרערן (The Miller’s Tears),” and the most famous Yiddish song “אויפן פּריפּעטשיק (Afn Pripetshik).”

Warshawsky died in Kiev in 1907.

Watch students on the 2013 Helix Project sing Warshawsky’s song “דעם מילנערס טרערן” (The Miller’s Tears) at an abandoned, formerly Jewish-owned flour mill in Piesk, Belarus:
Or listen to tenor Louis Danto sing the same song in his inimitable, exquisite style:

Or listen to some classic recordings of Warshawsky’s most famous and enduring songs: