by Chaver Paver

Read by Chance Bone

There’s a depression on — the Great Depression — and Labzik the adorable Brooklyn-born puppy is in need of good home. He finds it in the family of Berl (a hardworking garment worker), Mollie, Rifkele, and Mulik. Once the favorite of all kids in the progressive Yiddish schools across the United States, Labzik is the puppy hero who fights for the rights of underdogs everywhere.

2015 Yiddishkayt artist-in-residence Chance Bone reads this story accompanied by his own, original music.

You can also read the Yiddish original, published in 1935, here: לאַבזיק׃ מייַסעלעך וועגן דעם קלוגן הינטעלע.