Emanuel Ringelblum

Historian and famed chronicler of the Warsaw Ghetto, Emanuel Ringelblum was born November 21, 1900 in Buczacz, Galicia (today Buchach, Ukraine).

Together with his friends, leaders in the Socialist Zionist movement, Ringelblum developed a passion for Jewish history while young.

He studied at Warsaw University and in 1927 completed his dissertation while working as a history teacher. After the war broke out, he led the Aleynhilf, the Warsaw Ghetto’s main relief organization.

This became the base of the עונג שבת (Oyneg Shabes), a secret ghetto archive Ringelblum began in 1940, which collected artifacts of ghetto life.

Ringelblum was murdered with his wife, son, and 35 others hiding on the “Aryan” side of Warsaw on March 7, 1944.

A short documentary explaining the development of the Oyneg Shabbes project from Yad Vashem, featuring Ringelblum’s own descriptions of the work.