Author & Playwright

Chaver Paver

Chaver Paver, the penname of Yiddish writer Gershon Einbinder, was best known for his stories and plays for children.

Born in Podolia February 8, 1901, he was active in leftist politics and wrote for the popular Yiddish newspapers and journals of New York. Chaver Paver drew on the experiences and lives of Jewish immigrants in the U.S. His best-known children’s book Labzik: Stories of a Clever Puppy, was published in 1935.

Take some time to listen to this English version of Chaver Paver’s classic puppy tale, from our MonsaMonster podcast:

Einbinder lived in New York and later settled here in Los Angeles. Generations of children grew up with Chaver Paver’s stories, which tackled real life problems with humor and fantasy.

Gershon Einbinder died in Los Angeles on December 7, 1964 and was buried at the Eden Memorial Park in the San Fernando Valley.

“I feel like telling myself and the people around me a story which will remove us from the sadness and drabness, I try to infuse such colors from which there should emanate, despite the sadness, the festivity and the joy of living.”

— Chaver Paver