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Yiddishkayt presents SCHUND! at the Israel Film Festival

Saturday, March 17 at 6:30 p.m.
Laemmle’s Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Boulevard (at Doheny) Beverly Hills

SCHUND!, a clever and heartfelt mockumentary, is a kind of Yiddish theatrical Forrest Gump, “introducing” a renowned Yiddish actor who disappeared under criminal circumstances. Left in his wake are debts, rumors and a mysterious inscription on the door of his home reading “schund.”


(Click to Enlarge) Courtesy of The National Center for Jewish Film

The film’s action takes place twenty-five years after the actor’s disappearance in an effort to pick up his trail. Along the way, we meet the colorful (real) characters who made up Israel’s vibrant Yiddish scene during the country’s first decades. This was a period when Yiddish theater thrived even as it drew ire from an Israeli establishment bent on suppressing the threat Yiddish’s popularity posed to the primacy of Hebrew culture.


The West Coast premiere of this film will include a tribute to the Burstyn Family, which pioneered Yiddish theater in Israel and a panel discussion with Mike Burstyn, Dr. Shelley Salamensky (Assistant Professor of Performance, European, Eurasian, and Jewish Studies in the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television), and Dr. Robert Adler Peckerar, executive director of Yiddishkayt.


For tickets and details, visit the Israel Film Festival.