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Yiddishkayt in 2013


Chances are a relative of yours came from Eastern Europe – a bustling city, a small shtetl, a rural village – a place your family called home for hundreds of years. Chances are roots, history, sense of place mean something to you. But sadly, our next generation will know little about this past.

Vilna…Minsk…Warsaw…Kiev… Yiddishkayt maps the geography of our hearts.

Your support for us directly helps young people connect with this precious past and find their own sense of place through Yiddishkayt.

In Bialystok 2012This past summer, I took an adventurous group of students on our first-ever Helix Project. Together we explored the places Yiddish culture flourished – first here in L.A. and then in Eastern Europe. We journeyed through Líte – Jewish Lithuania, today parts of Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania – where Jews first settled in the 14th century and created the treasures of Jewish culture that we celebrate. Seeing these young people encounter the glory of Yiddishkayt in the most personal way was a profoundly moving, life-changing experience.

For the past 17 years, Yiddishkayt has been devoted to changing the way we think about Jewish culture. From our first family festivals to our Yiddish in the Schools program (now in its seventh year!), we have counted on your support and we hope you’ll join us as we continue to transform the very way Jews now view our history and culture.

narev-group-1024x768The Helix Project takes our original approach to a new, global level: directly connecting young people with the treasures of poetry, prose, art, and politics in the historic heartlands of Jewish life. No other program in the world does what we do — illuminating a thousand years of culture for eager young minds. Helixers are the future of Jewish education.

I hope that you’ll consider joining us to help get the Helix Project in place and fully established for 2013. Bringing students for a month-long cultural immersion is an expensive undertaking. This coming summer, we hope to bring 12 college students. Over the next three years, we will expand the program to a Yiddishkayt summer institute for 36 inquisitive students every year. Just think of how their new knowledge will impact our community and honor the memories of those who have gone before us. The Helix Project has gotten quite a bit of press since we launched our pilot last June. I invite you to check out the Helix part of our site to read what other people are saying about our newest project and to see some unforgettable images of this summer’s program.

We hope you will join us as we continue to transform Jewish culture for a brilliant future. You can change the way the story of Jewish life is being passed along to our next generation. Please, help us make the Jewish past come to life.

מיט די בעסטע גרוסן — Best wishes,


Dr. Robert Adler Peckerar is the Executive Director of Yiddishkayt