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Artists, Activists, and Scholars on the Borderlands of Europe

Wallis Annenberg | Helix Fellowship

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” — William Faulkner

Exploring History through Art and Art through History

Leave the classroom and studio behind and come outside on the Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship: a fresh, revolutionary approach to cultural history. Helix is an immersive, mobile arts and culture residency that transforms scholars, artists, and activists into cultural archaeologists on the borderlands of Eastern and Central Europe.

Helix has been growing in depth and breadth since we launched in 2011. Now, with the generous support of the Annenberg Foundation, the Fellowship is flourishing as never before as one of the world’s leading transnational, intercultural arts and culture mobile residencies. The project has expanded to unfold over two years of collective study, community building, and cultural exploration.

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Explore the culture and history through the lens of Jewish life in Europe.

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