G. W. Pabst (1931)
In German & French, with English Titles
1 hour 30 minutes

The LAYKA Lens continues this month with Comradeship (Kameradschaft), G. W. Pabst’s 1931 film classic. In partnership with our friends at the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB), we’ll discuss this gripping, literally groundbreaking film on October 8, 2020. Stream the film  in your own time on Amazon or Apple TV and then join us on YouTube or Facebook to be a part of the discussion.

Set on the French-German border in the years following the First World War, Comradeship tells the story of a mine disaster and the underground effort to rescue the trapped miners that transcends borders of all kinds. Director G. W. Pabst brought together some of the greatest stars of the German stage, including the famed interpreter of Brecht and workers’ songs, Ernst Busch, and the Eastern Galician–born actor Alexander Granach (who we last saw in his over-the-top performance in Nosferatu).

We’ll discuss this moving and timeless film and continued our quarantine-long cinematic inquiry into questions of community, solidarity, and power.

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Wittkopp (Ernst Busch) leads a volunteer group of German miners to rescue their trapped fellow miners on the other side of the border in Comradeship.