Yiddishkayt Expeditionary Force

Yiddishkayt Expeditionary Force

$ 360.00

Let’s Join Together to Support a 2015 Helixer!

Yiddishkayt Expedition participants are going to make it all happen for a student of Jewish culture this summer!

We are mobilizing to preserve, cultivate, and broadcast the best of Yiddishkayt to new generations and culture producers. Let's support a member of  the 2015 Helix cohort.

Since Helix is unique in how we treat Jewish civilization as a world culture equivalent to any other great civilization, and not as something parochial, we attract students from varied ethnic and religious traditions. We are able to reach an amazing breadth of emerging scholars and artists who value our broad-minded and rigorous approach, which distinguishes The Helix Project from nearly all other programs that focus on Jewish history… but our program is dependent on the generous support of those who can help bring these students for a month of immersion in Jewish Eastern European art, culture, language, and history!

Thank you for your generosity.

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