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New Year, Old Saw

New Year, Old Saw BY DER VORTSMAN The Vortsman, having migrated from Yiddishkayt to the SoCal Arbeter Ring (Workmen’s Circle) and...
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A Tempest in a Tshaynik

Monse…Mayse…Maynse… A Tempest in a Tshaynik? BY DER VORTSMAN [Der Vortsman, who wrote a monthly column for Yiddishkayt in its...
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Apply for Helix Project 2016–2017

Applications for students and artists to join our next Helix Project are open. Find out about this immersion in European Jewish culture filled with joy, coexistence, and creative potential.

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Remnants of Escape

Whether in Syria or Jordan, Turkey, Hungary, or Germany, they are the ones who remain following the flight from their embattled homes, who continue to survive the uncertainties and humiliations of every day.

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