Helix Project 2016–2017!

Student applications for the 2016–2017 Helix are closed.
If you are an ARTIST working at the professional level, apply below to join the Helix artist cohort. If you are an educator, click here.

Please read through the entire form before filling in the blanks below. Sections marked * are required.

We look forward to receiving your application. Artist applications are accepted on a rolling basis until February 28, 2017.

It is highly recommended to draft your essays in another application and complete/upload your video response before pasting your final responses into the form.

All applications are confidential.

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Education and Work

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Portfolio materials can also be emailed to helix@yiddishkayt.org. Be sure to include your name in the Subject field.

Personal Narrative

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Additional information

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Please have two letters of recommendations sent directly to the offices of Yiddishkayt (address below). We prefer hard copies, but your recommender may email a signed, scanned letter to us at helix@yiddishkayt.org.

Financial Aid

Your answer to this question will not be taken into consideration by the Helix 2016-17 selection committee.
Yiddishkayt will keep all application material confidential. Participants for Helix 2016–2017 will be chosen on a need-blind basis; financial status will not affect your application. Yiddishkayt does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.